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What People Say and What We Have It Mean

Sometimes messages are lost in translation. It’s easy to hear something and, without realizing it, react to what we think was said. David can explain how to separate the facts from our interpretations.

Sex and Intimacy

It seems that intimacy is what most people are craving. What can spouses say to each other to achieve intimacy in and out of the bedroom?

3 Tips on Effectively Disciplining Children

Much of the advice on discipline is blatantly unhelpful. David will provide three tips on this most important source of family happiness.

Relating Well During the Holidays

Most people have a vision of how families should behave at the holidays, and all too often reality doesn’t measure up. David will explain how people can communicate with and relate to their relatives and actually enjoy the holidays.

The Value of Honesty and Straight Talk

Lying to family members can seem like the best path. After all families are usually together for life. David will explain why honesty and straight talk are best and how they can develop a deeper sense of intimacy.

3 Ways to Respond to Hurtful Comments from Family Members

Chances are someone in the family will eventually say something that hurts. David shares three powerful options for dealing with these difficult situations.

Changing Perceptions to Create Love

Finding love can be as simple as identifying your stories and interpretations about who people are. David will discuss how letting go of the story and changing perceptions about family members can create a space for love.

Creating a Fresh Start

Every family and every relationship has a history. In most cases, there are parts of that history that don’t look very pretty. David will share how to begin again.
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