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Expert with Communication Tools for Home and Work

Communication can be challenging at home and work. How can families put their old stories aside about who people are and what they are like? How can families truly relate with one another? At work, how do views get in the way of productivity? Are co-workers speaking straight to each other?

David Cunningham, M. Ed., is a communication expert who has led thousands of people in seminars and courses with Landmark, where more than 2.4 million people have learned to create a future with their families, friends and co-workers that makes a difference in their lives and communities.

David is well versed in communication issues and can speak on a number of topics, including:

* Relating well with family and co-workers
* Beating burnout
* How to get unstuck and work
* Creating a career worthy of your life
* Seeing blind spots hindering performance
* Changing perceptions to create love, produce results and be peaceful
* Talking straight and the impact of dishonesty
* How to stop making people wrong
* Differentiating between what people say and what we have it mean
* Sex and intimacy: What can spouses say to each other to achieve intimacy
* Win Over Whining: Turning Complaints into Commitments

David Cunningham can also discuss how to appreciate yourself and others, as well as how to deal with coworker gossip and other topics. Please contact us with a specific request on communication, self-expression, leadership and productivity.

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